Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Soulacoaster Live... The Aftermath

Ok, now the dust has settled and i'm getting back into the groove of normality, I just wanted to say a few things about the Soulacoaster show at Cargo a couple of weeks ago. First off, it was one of my lifetime ambitions come true, and I had such a good feeling being behind the drums playing live, something i'd not done since I was a teenager!
I'd like to thanks all the vocalists that came over and performed, Darien (who came from New York) Kia Bennett (Who came from Washington) Sibel Thrasher (who travelled from Vancouver Canada) Juliette Ashby for her valuable time and a massive thankyou to the background vocalists
Katie Leone and Jono McNeil (Who I met for the first time ever, only that morning) who did such a professional job that even Jocelyn Brown wanted to to poach them!...And of course a massive undiluted thankyou to Jocelyn Brown, my good friend and mentor who tore the roof off the house, with a special song we wrote together called 'In The Middle" (see footage below) it was such a special moment to play with Jocelyn as we have so much history, and this was the first time we'd ever shared a stage together... One of the highlights of my life, as was playing alongside Sibel Thrasher from RAMP!

Thankyou to all of my musicians, Nick Van Gelder for being humble and leaving his drumsticks to one side to supply some slick guitar parts, to Carl Hudson, one of the most talented keys players i've ever met, to my right hand man on bass Andy Toleman for keeping the groove in the pocket, and my percussionist Gabriel Nuzzoli for coming all the way from Barcelona especially to do the show...With no rehearsal I might add...

On The subject of rehearsals, I was really pleased with the way the show turned out as we had only practiced 4 times together as a band, and with over 15 songs to learn, if it wasn't for the professionalism and musicianship of every player involved then it might have been a different story! These players are my brothers forever, and to play alongside each and every one of them is an absolute honour!

Finally i'd like to thank my manager Michael Fountaine for making the show happen. For the first time in my career, this is the first time i've had a manager that actually does what he says he's going to do. And for that, i'm eternally grateful!

Onwards and upwards, next month on the 25th November, the
Soulacoaster show continues at Jazz Refreshed @ The Mau Mau Bar, Potabello Road, London. This time your in for another treat as Princess Freesia will be flying in from sunny Australia as well as Katie Leone standing in for Kia Bennett and Sibel Thrasher and Jono McNeil stands in for Darien. As I have already said, these two are brilliant singers in their own right, and gradually we'll be incorporating more of they're own material into the shows. Also my good mates Super Dirtie & Phase Wizz will be performing a track, these two in my opinion are Londons finest emcee's and you'll certainly enjoy their verbal gymnastics over some goosebumpy raregrooves. Anyways, hope you can join us for a bit of a jam! Tickets are £5 before 9 and £7 after.

Here's some footage of the Cargo show for those who may have missed it.

Jocelyn Brown performs our song "In The Middle"

Sibel Thrasher performs "In Your Eyes" from Soulacoaster

Juiette Ashby performs "Get My Shit Together from Soulacoaster

And here's a bit of footage from our first ever rehearsal, grooving with "So Natural"


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  3. Some photos from gig.