Thursday, 17 November 2011

A Few Things You Might Not Know About The Lapdancer LP

1. The lapdancer was produced in soulpersona's dining room/kitchen

2. All the vocals were recorded in Princess Freesia's bedroom

3. Princess Freesia wrote and recorded the lyrics and vocals for The Lapdancer in two months.

4. Throughout the recording of The Lapdancer, SoulP was in agony and couldn't move his head left or right for the majority of the recording, due to a trapped nerve in his neck.

5. SoulP's brother Tukka designed the artwork and took the album cover picture.

6. Princess Freesia actually got a job as a lapdancer for a few nights, just to research the Avalon Lexus role.

7. The plan was and still is to do "The Lapdancer" the movie.

8. The length of the... album is precisely 69 minutes long... You do the math.

9. Princess Freesia recorded the majority of the vocals on her knees singing through the built-in microphone on her 4 year old macbook... And a couple whilst sitting up in bed!...In fact The Lapdancer was produced only using Mac products.

10. Soulpersona came up with THE LAPDANCER concept in 2006 when he first arranged tunes such as “The Lapdancer Theme”, “Make That Money” and “Ava’s Fantasy”

11. Princess Freesia recorded “I Got Into This Mess Part 2” drunk on an entire bottle of Cava Champagne.

12. Princess Freesia REALLY cried in the intro for “Hot Shower Interlude”!

13. SoulP & Freesia consumed an entire of Morgan’s Spiced Rum and stumbled into town to record a film clip for the promotional track “Babylon”.

14. Both “Avalon” and “Lexus” are cars made by Toyota.

Out now on CD at with free worldwide delivery and on iTunes & Amazon

The Lapdancer by Soulpersona

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

What the deejays and media have been saying about "The Lapdancer"

The Lapdancer by Soulpersona

Here's some of the nice things deejays, press & media are saying about the album.
You can get it now at with free worldwide delivery or on Itunes, Amazon and emusic worldwide.

"This has to be the DOPEST LP i've heard in the last 10 years"
Glenn Underground - SJU Muzic

"Well done! I've been hungry for this album"
Junior-Record Breakin' Music

"To call this album sexy just feels foolish, only because that would be the understaement of the year! Mezmerising: That's the word I would use. Princess Freesia's vocals are absoloutly devastating. A match made in heaven with Soulpersona. Very strong and highly addictive album. If Avalon Lexus were real, there would be a whole lot of brokenhearted men with broke pockets walking the planet!"
Jason Randall Smith- Both Sides Of The Surface

"Fusing old skool with the new. A must for your record collection. Supurb from start to finish"
Ash Selector- Groove Control/Solar Radio

Charles Spencer-

"We think this album is great! Our reders will love it!"
Ray Douglas- Commercial Break

"fantastic album, full with grreat Soul to the very brim, so many delightful tracks to choose from!"
Kerem Gokmen Dubmission Radioshow. WYEP Pittsburgh

"Great album with a classic vibe and intruiging story!"
Chris NG Kiss FM Australia

"Very well produced, sounds very vibrant and full of flava!"
Infinity Loop Music- Canada

"Very unexpected to find a retro disco disco concept album, but intruiging. Amazing instrumentation and spot on vocals!"
Anji Bee- The Chillcast USA

"Oh WOW! Some seriously wonderful vibes going on here. Huge contratulations to SoulP & Freesia for a stunning album of late night soundtrack jazz funk BLISS!... I think i'm in Heaven!
Justin Winks- Casio Social Club

"Quality music, great songs and a really, really good listening album!"
Chris Samba- Dragon-l

"Great production from SoulP and Princess Freesia's voice is so full of emotion. She completely draws you into every track. Excellent".
Mikey Futuristic- Deja Vu FM

"VERY nice record! Will definitely be dropping selections from this tatsty offering. HOT, HOT, HOT!!!"
Trevor Walker- Mercury Lounge Canada

"This is rather brilliant!"

"Love the LP. Groovy and just plain FUNKY! Love it"
Jose Zargoza' Deep Hype Sounds

"What a nice, solid and soulful influenced album. This is timeless"
Matthias Desch- Bogaloo Radioshow-Germany

"First class album!!. Never heard a Macbook mic sound so good!"
Mark Milz- Further In Fusion

"Unbelievable, amazing and down right out of this world!"
Prescription/Future Vision Records

"Absoloutly love the old skool approach and the luscious sense of humor...Excellent release!"
Sam LaBelle- Soundworks

"The disco soul here is fantastic, mating lyrical sounds that will cast a spell on your mind for a long time"
Marc LaCasse' Jackhouse' Canada

"Quality soul for the next millenium"
Colourful Productions

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Soulpersona "The Remixes" Volume 1 (Tracklist & Album Credits)


1. Jocelyn Brown "She'd Call" (Soulpersona Raregroove Remix)
Written & Performed by Jocelyn Brown
Produced & Arranged By Soulpersona
All instruments by Soulpersona
Original version appears on Jocelyn Brown "Unreleased" out now on iTunes.

2. Darien "Showya" (Soulpersona Hot Buttered Toast Remix)
Written & Performed by Darien
Produced & Arranged by Soulpersona
Bass & Guitar by Punk Pappa
All other instruments by Soulpersona
Taken from the "If These Walls Could Talk" by Darien, out now on iTunes.

3. Tashan "Read My Mind" (Soulpersona Raregroove Remix)
Written & Performed by Tashan
Produced & Arranged by Soulpersona
Bass & Guitar by Punk Pappa
All other instruments by Soulpersona
Find all Tashan's back catalog on iTunes.

4. Dre Rock "Sex N Go" (Soulpersona Baby Makin' Remix)
Written & Performed by Dre Rock
Produced & Arranged By Soulpersona
All Instruments by Soulpersona

5. Princess Freesia "Angel Is An Animal" (Soulpersona "Animal Instinct" Remix)
Written & Performed by Princess Freesia
Produced & Arranged by Soulpersona
All Instruments by Soulpersona
Original version appears on "Nightclub Of The Nudist" by Nude Continuum. Out on iTunes.

6. Darien "Can't Hide" (Soulpersona Studio 54 Remix)
Written & Performed by Darien
Produced & Arranged by Soulpersona
Bass & Guitar by Richard Molyneux
All other instruments by Soulpersona
Original version appears on "Soulacoaster" by Soulpersona out now on iTunes.

7. Navigators "Do Something" (Soulpersona "In The Pocket" Remix)
Written & Performed by Navigators
Produced & Arranged by Soulpersona
Bass & Guitar by Punk Pappa
All other instruments by Soulpersona
Original version appears on the album "My Place" By Navigators out now on iTunes.

8. Princess Freesia "Daedalus" (Soulpersona Sunset Remix)
Written & Performed by Princess Freesia
Produced & Arranged by Soulpersona
All Instruments by Soulpersona
Original version appears on the album "Nightclub Of The Nudist" by Nude Continuum.

8. Dre Rock "Esacpism" (Soulpersona Blazed One Up Remix)
Written & Performed by Dre Rock
Produced & Arranged By Soulpersona
All Instruments by Soulpersona

10. Phreeda Sharp "Brand Me Sexy" (Soulpersona "Candy" Remix)
Written & Performed by Phreeda Sharp
Produced & Arranged by Soulpersona
All Instruments by Soulpersona
Original version on Phreeda Sharps forthcoming album, find her on facebook and myspace.

11. Phreeda Sharp "Bad Mister" (Soulpersona Supa Soulful Remix)
Written & Performed by Phreeda Sharp
Produced & Arranged by Soulpersona
All Instruments by Soulpersona

12. Dre Rock "Angels" (Soulpersona "Motown City" Remix)
Written & Performed by Dre Rock
Produced & Arranged by Soulpersona
All Instruments by Soulpersona

13. Replife "Change 4 A Dolla" (Soulpersona "Golden Gun" Remix)
Written & Performed by Replife
Produced & Arranged by Soulpersona
All Instruments by Soulpersona
Original version (produced by Soulpersona & Marc Rapson) appears on "The Unclosed Mind" album by Replife. Out now on iTunes.

14. Replife "Loungin' (Soulpersona G Funk Remix)
Written & Performed by Replife
Produced & Arranged by Soulpersona
All Instruments by Soulpersona
Original version appears on on Soulpersona "Soulacoaster" album out now on iTunes.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

"The Lapdancer " Show & Interview with SoulP & Princess Freesia

A interview with myself and Princess Freesia done on Alan Johnsons radio show, featuring nearly all the songs from the album, with Princess Freesia giving the background to each of the songs she wrote. Album out now at

Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Lapdancer By Soulpersona Buy Here

We are very proud to announce that "The Lapdancer" hard copy CD is now in stock, and it's £10.99 with Free Worldwide Delivery! We are currently working on getting a brand new Digisoul website together, so in the meantime, you can buy is safely and securely here:

Or if you prefer digital, it is out on iTunes Worldwide here:
The Lapdancer - Soulpersona

Here's some of the songs featured on the album:

The Lapdancer by Soulpersona

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Pre Order The Lapdancer CD

You can pre order the forthcoming Soulpersona album "The Lapdancer" starring Princess Freesia as Avalon Lexus for £10.99 with FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY. Order now and we will send you the CD the day it arrives (Between 8th-13th August, maybe earlier) If you want it signed by Princess Freesia (or Avalon Lexus) just let us know on the order information.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Why Do I Give Away So Much Free Music?

...Over and over again, I get asked by friends, music fans and other artists and other fellow producers why do I give away so much free music. The answer is simple, it's because I feel that if I have a load of music sitting stagnant in my iTunes, then it's a waste of time me making it in the first place.

Most of the music I give away are either remixes I have done, or re-edits of some of my favorite songs. As well as being paid to remix songs, remixing for me is a hobby, it's my favorite thing to do as a producer, and when I get free time, I try to do as many remixes and re-edits as possible. Then most of the time, i'll put them onto Soundcloud as a free download.

Another reason of why I like to give away so much free music is because I believe that if I look after my fans, and give them free music in between albums, then they will look after me when I put out albums and remixes on CD and iTunes etc.

The internet has completely changed the way we listen to and buy music and I firmly believe that if your going to get someone to part with their hard earned money, then you have to provide a service. I my case, because I have so many free downloads, my hope is that people will give something back and be loyal to buying the albums I put out... I know that not everyone will do this, but even if they don't and they prefer to find a blogspot to download it for free then that's good publicity for me. Of course, i'd rather someone buy my album, but i'm not going to be naive and think that everyone is going to buy it as most people will find it on a blogspot and download it for free. My point is, that if i've been giving away free music most of the year, then when my albums are available to buy, then people might think twice and think, and consider supporting the artist, as the artist has supported them.

Unless your selling hundreds of thousands of records, then it's impossible for the artist to be making a living from music. For example, if I sell 100 albums on iTunes, I make £799. To sell 100 albums on iTunes will take a few months, so although it's nice pocket money now and again, it's not the kind of life changing money that let's say Beyonce is enjoying.

Free downloads are also a great way of self promotion. Through my remixes, I have got quite a bit of paid work as a remixer, and as a producer, making tracks for different artists, that I would never have met or worked for unless they had heard my music in the first place... And most probably downloaded it for free!

I strongly believe the future of music is in live performance. A live show is a perfect scenario for us to connect with our fan-base and sell our music, merchandise and start making a living out of what we love doing. And through giving away the free downloads in the first place, will get you new fans, new fans that will come to your shows, pay entry and buy and album because they like and respect what you do and want to support you.

I will end on this note, imagine having a job that you get up for 7 days of the week, knowing that your working on "Might's" and "Ifs'"... As producers and artists we have to motivate ourselves to make this music, all this motivation is for the complete love of it, as most of us don't get paid, or even think about the money when we're making the songs. I know I certainly don't!... Although we have bills to pay like everyone else, for some reason, we still carry on relentless, working crazy amounts of hours, every day of the week, usually into the dead of night, with hope that one day it will pay off for us. The ones that survive this game are the ones that keep the faith, commit and stick at it forever, regardless of the impact it may have on their lives, regardless of the sleepless nights of worrying about bills, car tax, insurance and day to day living. I've been through and still go through all of this, but it has made me a stronger person, it has made me more ambitious, and it has fueled me to work harder, and I don't regret any of it for one minute. So, after all that, I will continue giving away music, as it will always open doors and gain me new fans. Because if someone doesn't hear you in the first place, then how the hell are you going to get heard!?

Oh, here's a free album full of my remixes and re-edits. Enjoy.

Soulpersona "The Free Album" by Soulpersona

Love and goodness,


Monday, 27 June 2011

The Making Of "Babylon" The short film from "The lapdancer"

This video was made after myself and Princess Freesia polished off a bottle of Morgan Spiced Rum, it was 12.30 am and we decided to do a little film to our song "Babylon" from The Lapdancer album... Here's what happened.

Introducing Avalon Lexus, a high class call girl and erotic dancer as she get's ready for work and takes a walk through the busy town center on route to "Babylon" the club where she does her thing.

This is not to be taken too seriously, as it was done for fun and a bit of a giggle... Francis Ford Coppola I am not!

Monday, 6 June 2011

The Lapdancer... Coming July 2011

Just wanted to let you know that myself and Princess Freesia have been working relentlessly on this new album for the past couple of Months. "The Lapdancer" is a concept film soundtrack written and performed by Princess Freesia who also takes on the lead role as Avalon Lexus, a high class call girl and erotic dancer from London. With over 15 tracks, the album tells it's own story. It's sexy, salubrious, decadent and quite disturbing in places, and with each track you gradually become acquainted with the life and times of Ava Lexus.
Each track is a slice of raregroove, jazzfunk soul, with plenty of supa soulful uptempo disco also in the mix, and i'm really looking forward to getting it out!

I came up with the concept of doing this album in 2007, and since then, i've recorded over 35 instrumentals for it, which have now been whittled down to the best 18. Princess Freesia has blown my mind with her song writing skills for this, her abstract metaphors really make you think about each song and make you want to listen again and again. There's spoken word pieces, which are beautifully delivered, and a fair share of acting , especially on one of my favorites called "I Got Into This Mess" which is a bizarre story in itself to be taken however you want to take it... When I heard it I was rendered speechless, and all I wanted to do was play it again!

I know that some people will love it, and others might hate it, but what i'd like you to remember is that it is not an "Album" it's a "Soundtrack" to an imaginary film, a film that in the future we would like to make for real... For me, it's one of the best things I've ever had the pleasure of working on, and it certainly passes the goosebumps test. There's uptempo disco tracks, some gorgeously delivered slow jams and some real nice mid tempo hip shakers, hopefully it will tick all the boxes and there will be something for everyone... Just not for children!

Here's a limited edition FREE DOWNLOAD Lapdancer promo, that will not appear on the album entitled "Babylon"... The name of the club where Avalon Lexus does her thing...

Here's a remix I've done of one of the songs featured on the album called "Make That Money"

"Like" The Lapdancer on facebook:

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Jocelyn Brown "Unreleased"

...As some may or may not know, I had the pleasure of working with Miss Brown for many years as her A&R and PA, it was her that pushed me to express myself through music and gave me the inspiration to what i'm doing now. So let me tell you a few things you might not know about the new Jocelyn Brown "Unreleased" album that is out now, worldwide on itunes....

..."Unreleased" is a fascinating insight at Jocelyn's unreleased demo's over the past 15 years. When I was working with her, I remember one morning she came into the kitchen and pulled out a bundle of old DAT tapes, she then from her handbag pulled out her personal DAT player and casualy told me that she'd found a collection of demo songs that she wanted me to hear.

The story goes something like this. apparently she had been asked by a major lable (who will remain nameless) to record and write an album, so Jocelyn, being Jocelyn hired all the studio equipment and had it set up in her own lounge room. She then called on the production skills of Al McDowell, a bass player and producer that has played alongside Don Blackman, Weldon Irvine and many others as well as JB back in the day... Well, he came over from New York and recorded, "Real Thing" "Find Someone To Love" "I Love You" "Sweet Fine baby" 'Vacation Time" "Foever" and "Don't Make A Mistake" (many of which feature players from Incognito)

So, the first one she plays me is "Find Someone To Love"... I was speechless.

Apparently, she had produced all these wonderful songs for the major label, and when she took the finished songs back to them, they didn't think the music would do very well as it wasn't very commercial sounding... Basically, they didn't know what to do with it, or how to promote it so they cancelled the project. This is typical of major labels, many of them don't have any idea about soulful music, and are scared to put anything out that is soulful and heartfelt... So it all worked out OK, their loss was our gain.

She then went on to play the rest as well as a few beautiful acoustic songs she had done with the Bacci Brothers... It was the that I said to her that she should put these out as unreleased demos... She agreed, so between us we compiled an albums worth of her favourites.

It was released on a small scale through CD in 2006 but was never given the right promotion, as the investors for Digisoul at the time were another bunch of people who didn't understand soul music, so after a catalog of disasters with this release, and Digisoul nearly being taken over by useless maniacs that didn't understand what we were trying to do! So, myself and my brother (together we own Digisoul) decided to call it a day with these people and get our company back to being owned by just ourselves.

5 years have passed since then and Digisoul is back, this time doing things the right way, by ourselves with nobody else's intervention. So it was a natural progression for us to re-release this lovely album on a worldwide scale through iTunes.

"Unreleased" a wonderful collection of soulful and beautifully written songs by Jocelyn Brown, and I highly recommend it for your ipod!

You can get the whole album now on itunes: