Monday, 6 June 2011

The Lapdancer... Coming July 2011

Just wanted to let you know that myself and Princess Freesia have been working relentlessly on this new album for the past couple of Months. "The Lapdancer" is a concept film soundtrack written and performed by Princess Freesia who also takes on the lead role as Avalon Lexus, a high class call girl and erotic dancer from London. With over 15 tracks, the album tells it's own story. It's sexy, salubrious, decadent and quite disturbing in places, and with each track you gradually become acquainted with the life and times of Ava Lexus.
Each track is a slice of raregroove, jazzfunk soul, with plenty of supa soulful uptempo disco also in the mix, and i'm really looking forward to getting it out!

I came up with the concept of doing this album in 2007, and since then, i've recorded over 35 instrumentals for it, which have now been whittled down to the best 18. Princess Freesia has blown my mind with her song writing skills for this, her abstract metaphors really make you think about each song and make you want to listen again and again. There's spoken word pieces, which are beautifully delivered, and a fair share of acting , especially on one of my favorites called "I Got Into This Mess" which is a bizarre story in itself to be taken however you want to take it... When I heard it I was rendered speechless, and all I wanted to do was play it again!

I know that some people will love it, and others might hate it, but what i'd like you to remember is that it is not an "Album" it's a "Soundtrack" to an imaginary film, a film that in the future we would like to make for real... For me, it's one of the best things I've ever had the pleasure of working on, and it certainly passes the goosebumps test. There's uptempo disco tracks, some gorgeously delivered slow jams and some real nice mid tempo hip shakers, hopefully it will tick all the boxes and there will be something for everyone... Just not for children!

Here's a limited edition FREE DOWNLOAD Lapdancer promo, that will not appear on the album entitled "Babylon"... The name of the club where Avalon Lexus does her thing...

Here's a remix I've done of one of the songs featured on the album called "Make That Money"

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