Thursday, 3 December 2009

Ain't That Peculiar, Kool & The Gang, Marvin & SoulP

Just wanted to say a few words about "Ain't That Peculiar"... This music was originally just a mess about with Kool & The Gangs "Summer Madness" track, I posted the track on facebook and through that a geezer called Neil Thompson got in touch and told me that he has fitted an old Marvin Gaye song over the instrumental of my re-edit. He sent it over and I nearly lost my mind. I then got him to send me the accapella because I wanted to add some more musical arrangements, some Marvin style piano, strings, chimes and some of the delicious Moog sounds you hear in his songs, especially from the "I Want You" album... One of the best albums made, EVER!...So, if you hear the original of "Aint that peculiar" it's a much faster backing track, you don't really get to hear the lyrics, but with this more emotional, laid back, backing track, you get to hear the pain and troubled soul of Marvin Gaye, the lyric "But each hurt, makes my love stronger, stronger than before" is really fucking deep, genuis writing... The summer madness groove just makes the track so more emotional and sad.

When I was adding stuff to this track and mixing it, it was like working with the ghost of Marvin Gaye, it was late, there was no-one in the house but me and I ust admit, it was so overwhelming that it nearly (just nearly) brought a tear to my eye. Those who know me well know that I idolise Marvin Gaye, listening to his albums have given me so much inspiration on so many levels. Marvin was deep, he wasn't only the most wonderful singer to ever grace this earth, but he was also a multi instrumentalist, a great keys player, drummer, arranger and producer. Marvin Gaye is the reason I got into producing music, I just wanted to make beautiful simple soul music that gives people goosebumps, just like he did.

Anyways, here it is in all it's glory, if your a deejay and want to support this, drop me a message at Close your eyes and hear the haunting vocals of Marvin Gaye doing his thing, the way he knows best.

Marvin Gaye "Ain't That Peculiar" (SoulP & Neil Tomo's Summer Madness Mix) by Soulpersona


  1. I heard this on jazzfm a few months back and still love it. One of the best takes on a Marvin track that I have ever heard.

  2. Absolutely wonderful, never before appreciated the vocals, but they really stand out on this mix, EXCELLENT..

  3. Just sublime, crazy well done..