Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Coming soon...Jocelyn Brown & Soulpersona... The album.

...Not left any news on here for a while, figured I'd wait until I had something interesting to say...

Well, one of my dreams has come true, after knowing and working with Jocelyn Brown for many years, we are finally writing an album together. It happened quite by accident. I was at her annual thanksgiving back in November and at the end of the night, I played her a couple of tracks I'd been working on. These were tracks I had made, inspired by the the disco, rare groove, jazz funk movement in the 1979-1982 era... Instantly, Jocelyn started singing over them and making up lyrics and asked me if I had any more.... I mentioned that I had a couple and we arranged to meet the week after she could hear them... After listening to the five songs I had, I suggested that maybe we should put out an EP, the came the earth stopping moment as these words came out of Miss Browns mouth ...."Let's do 12 songs and put it out as an album"

...After thinking about it for a millisecond, I said "Yeah...Alright" and immediately took my ass home to write some more. From the tail end of December until now, I have written another 7 tracks all inspired from the 1979-1981 era when Jocelyn was known as Jocelyn Shaw, working as session background vocalist for legendary acts and artists such as Salsoul, Kleeer, Change, Bobbi Humprey, The Mizzel Brothers, Luthor Vandross, Cerrone, David Ruffin and countless others. So with that in mind, I realised that I really have to step up to the plate and try to create some music like I was living back then, in those wonderful times...

I immediately realised that the whole thing needed live bass and enlisted my best friend for many years, Mr Paul "Punk Pappa" Lancaster... I have been driving to his town of Newbury for the past few weeks and we've been laying down some bass line and guitar picking goodness, and the tracks have been brought to life. Plus I have got live percussion from a good friend and former Jamiroqui drummer/ producer extraordinaire Nick Van Gelder...

In a nutshell, I'm really excited and honored to be able to work with possibly the greatest female vocalist of our time. Jocelyn is like a second mother to me and I have learned so much from her in so many ways. I'm also really happy that Jocelyn will be writing all the songs, this is something I really wanted her to do as I know she's a wonderful writer as well as a singer... Also, Jocelyn has never done a full album of her own material with anyone before, so this is a first for her, and I'm soooo honored to be given the production responsibility...

I hereby promise that this will not be any smooth jazz, undiluted bullshit, this will be all about grooves, hooks, goosebumpy arrangements and delicious vocals... Jocelyn will also be singing all her own background too, which I cannot wait to start recording!!!

Hopefully the album will be ready for the Spring/Summer, we are trying to get it ready for the April- May period... Will keep you updated.

Love & Goodness,



  1. Looking forward to this SoulP.You are on a roll !
    Colin Curtis

  2. soulp. this will be a real treat.. from your recent to this.. i really am looking forward to this.. homegrown soul...jsun