Thursday, 18 February 2010

Jocelyn Brown Album Update

...Well, it's been a good couple of weeks, i've been back and forth up and down the M4 motorway a few times to Royal Berkshire where bass legend Punk Pappa resides to get all the bass parts completed for the album... We don't know what we're gonna call it yet though... Anyways, Paul 'Punk Pappa" Lancaster has really stepped up to the benchmark on these sessions, his "In the pocket" playing is prevalent throughout the album. I was sat in a room writing with Jocelyn on Wednesday, and she currently has disco producer and engineer extraordinaire John Morales staying with her. He gave me some props about the tracks, which coming from him is a real compliment, considering he did many of the Salsoul, Change, Kleeer engineering sessions back in the day... He heard the basslines and he was instantly like "Who's playing bass"?... Haha, Punk Pappa I replied... "Nice work" he replied... "In the pocket"... Which is exactly what I wanted to hear. Seriously Punk Pappa has really pulled some bass heaven out of the bag, and I am so looking forward to finishing off the tracks next week (see and hear his work @ )... I've done 9 so far, including a remake of the classic "Somebody Elses Guy" (wait till you hear the bassline on this one)... I know some will say it's a sacrilege to do such a thing, but I have hopefully nailed it as the lady herself loves it... Don't worry, it's not smooth jazz or cheezy, in fact it sounds a bit like a Bond theme... Wait and see...

Jocelyn has written to five or so as it stands, she's doing her homework at night and at weekends (as she tells me) Love the way she records her ideas, she sits down with an old skool Sony Walkman with a record facility, presses the record button and just freestyles riffs, hooks and verse ideas then plays them back and picks the bits she likes best and writes around them... Really good to see her writing songs again, I see an excitement in her eyes that i've not seen for a few years, and it just seems apt that we're doing the kind of tracks she was doing when she first started out as a session singer in the prolific New York disco era of the Studio 54 generation.
point is, they are really beginning to take shape and everything is sounding just as I want it...

Miss Brown requested that she's like a ballad yesterday, so last night I set about starting it... Found some nice chords and have finished it off today. It's got heart string tugging chords and i'm really into it at the moment... Will put the live bass and guitar down on it next week and bring that son of a bitch to life!

Well there's my little update...As i've been writing this the twat next door has been pissing about with his smoke alarm and it's been constantly ringing incessantly in my ears for the past 20 minutes... I'm about to go round and smash it with a hammer!

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