Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Jocelyn & SoulP Album Update

...Well yesterday was a wonderful day, It was the first day of recording the vocals for the album. I made my way to a beautiful studio in leafy Hertfordshire. Jocelyn arrived a bit later on with her good friend and fellow singer Kym Mazelle who came along for the ride and to hang out for the day. It was really brilliant to see Jocelyn sit in the studio for 3 and a half hours doing nothing but singing, and the results sounded nothing short of SEMINAL!... Her voice still sounds as good as when she first started singing, and I must have lost count the amount of times I got goosebumps! We recorded a new version of "Somebody Else's Guy" and put down 3 other tracks, which sound as equally good as each other... Really exciting times, and we are both loving every minute. Anyways, here's some footage I took at the studio yesterday.... There's even a little off the cuff duet by Jocelyn & Kym Mazell.... Enjoy.

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