Thursday, 10 June 2010

...Update June 2010

I've not been updating my blog for a while as there's been LOADS of stuff going on musically lately. Only yesterday I had a 17 year old singer come to my studio to record his first ever track. I met him whilst teaching at college (which I do once a week) his name is Smithy and all I can say is that his voice made me stop dead in my tracks first time I heard it... So after a few weeks, I finally had time to invite him over. This kid is so humble that he's never even told his closest friends that he could sing!.. Now I think I know a good thing when I hear it, and according to my goosebump barometer, his voice just activated them, immediately. He kind of sat here listening to what we had recorded, and he announced that he'd never recorded his voice before and that this was the first time he'd ever heard his voice on a track... It was a pleasure to be there to witness the magic. He was blown away by it all and it was almost like he'd received validation that he could actually sing. So slowly but surly I will be working on an album with him whenever I get a free bit of time!

I'm, also in the process of getting my band together. The idea is to take a Soulpersona show out on the road, performing a few Soulacoaster tracks, mixed with some of my re-edit versions performed live, and some other good stuff too. I have some very, very talented singers joining me, all of which have passed my goosebump test. Also, an important part of my band line-up up my best mate Punk Pappa, on bass. He's the butter on my toast when it comes to bass and drums interaction, and we've literally been playing together since our teens. Anyways, I'm really excited by it all and I hope to be out there performing by late August/September time. For bookings you can contact me on

Then there's the Jocelyn album. It's taking a bit more time than we thought, but don't worry, this is very high on both mine and Jocelyns agenda. It's just that we made a decision that we didn't want to rush it just for the sake of it. This album is really important to both of us, and our priorities it for first and foremost get it right. Also, Jocelyn has been working doing loads of shows lately, so finding the time to squeeze in vocal sessions has been quite difficult! But rest assured, this album will be done, we're about 7 tracks deep into vocal recording as it stands, and it all sounds wonderful. Rest assured I promise that when this is out it will defiantly be worth the wait!

Other news is that I've been doing loads of remixes lately, the latest one being for a band out of the Czech Republic called "Navigators" and I've remixed their single "Do Something" This band is wicked, they sent me their albums and I was blown away by the goodness on it. It's like a mixture of Incognito and Reel People, real feel good music. So look out for them, they're HOT!

I'm also in a re-edit FRENZY at the moment! This is now my new hobby, I just LOVE doing them. They're not in any way trying to take focus off the original songs, it's just so often when you hear the opening bars of a song, there will be a delicious groove that would last about 10 seconds, and whenever I hear those grooves I feel compelled to repeat that groove, over and over and build on it. I'm getting really good support from deejays all over the world, so thanks for playing my shit, I really appreciate it!

And finally, I've started work on my follow up album to Soulacoaster. I'm currently in the blueprint stage (as I call it) This is when I write all the arrangements and play about with grooves. I've done about 6 so far and these ones have been for Darien, and Kia Bennett so far. Of course, a Soulpersona album wouldn't be complete without Princess Freesia, so she's the next in line. Hopefully I can get Sibel Thrasher to feature again, and even Jocelyn Brown wants in on this next one. So fingers crossed it will all come together as soon as it's time.

Anyways, I'm off now to prepare for all this World Cup business. I plan to watch every game that I can, and even though I'm a Welshman, I'm behind England all the way. England to win the World Cup I reckon!... We will wait and see.

I will leave you with a little jam I had with my good mate Nick Van Gelder a few weeks ago, we spent a few hours at his house playing drums and percussion along to some of our favorite songs, enjoy!

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