Wednesday, 19 October 2011

What the deejays and media have been saying about "The Lapdancer"

The Lapdancer by Soulpersona

Here's some of the nice things deejays, press & media are saying about the album.
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"This has to be the DOPEST LP i've heard in the last 10 years"
Glenn Underground - SJU Muzic

"Well done! I've been hungry for this album"
Junior-Record Breakin' Music

"To call this album sexy just feels foolish, only because that would be the understaement of the year! Mezmerising: That's the word I would use. Princess Freesia's vocals are absoloutly devastating. A match made in heaven with Soulpersona. Very strong and highly addictive album. If Avalon Lexus were real, there would be a whole lot of brokenhearted men with broke pockets walking the planet!"
Jason Randall Smith- Both Sides Of The Surface

"Fusing old skool with the new. A must for your record collection. Supurb from start to finish"
Ash Selector- Groove Control/Solar Radio

Charles Spencer-

"We think this album is great! Our reders will love it!"
Ray Douglas- Commercial Break

"fantastic album, full with grreat Soul to the very brim, so many delightful tracks to choose from!"
Kerem Gokmen Dubmission Radioshow. WYEP Pittsburgh

"Great album with a classic vibe and intruiging story!"
Chris NG Kiss FM Australia

"Very well produced, sounds very vibrant and full of flava!"
Infinity Loop Music- Canada

"Very unexpected to find a retro disco disco concept album, but intruiging. Amazing instrumentation and spot on vocals!"
Anji Bee- The Chillcast USA

"Oh WOW! Some seriously wonderful vibes going on here. Huge contratulations to SoulP & Freesia for a stunning album of late night soundtrack jazz funk BLISS!... I think i'm in Heaven!
Justin Winks- Casio Social Club

"Quality music, great songs and a really, really good listening album!"
Chris Samba- Dragon-l

"Great production from SoulP and Princess Freesia's voice is so full of emotion. She completely draws you into every track. Excellent".
Mikey Futuristic- Deja Vu FM

"VERY nice record! Will definitely be dropping selections from this tatsty offering. HOT, HOT, HOT!!!"
Trevor Walker- Mercury Lounge Canada

"This is rather brilliant!"

"Love the LP. Groovy and just plain FUNKY! Love it"
Jose Zargoza' Deep Hype Sounds

"What a nice, solid and soulful influenced album. This is timeless"
Matthias Desch- Bogaloo Radioshow-Germany

"First class album!!. Never heard a Macbook mic sound so good!"
Mark Milz- Further In Fusion

"Unbelievable, amazing and down right out of this world!"
Prescription/Future Vision Records

"Absoloutly love the old skool approach and the luscious sense of humor...Excellent release!"
Sam LaBelle- Soundworks

"The disco soul here is fantastic, mating lyrical sounds that will cast a spell on your mind for a long time"
Marc LaCasse' Jackhouse' Canada

"Quality soul for the next millenium"
Colourful Productions

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