Thursday, 17 November 2011

A Few Things You Might Not Know About The Lapdancer LP

1. The lapdancer was produced in soulpersona's dining room/kitchen

2. All the vocals were recorded in Princess Freesia's bedroom

3. Princess Freesia wrote and recorded the lyrics and vocals for The Lapdancer in two months.

4. Throughout the recording of The Lapdancer, SoulP was in agony and couldn't move his head left or right for the majority of the recording, due to a trapped nerve in his neck.

5. SoulP's brother Tukka designed the artwork and took the album cover picture.

6. Princess Freesia actually got a job as a lapdancer for a few nights, just to research the Avalon Lexus role.

7. The plan was and still is to do "The Lapdancer" the movie.

8. The length of the... album is precisely 69 minutes long... You do the math.

9. Princess Freesia recorded the majority of the vocals on her knees singing through the built-in microphone on her 4 year old macbook... And a couple whilst sitting up in bed!...In fact The Lapdancer was produced only using Mac products.

10. Soulpersona came up with THE LAPDANCER concept in 2006 when he first arranged tunes such as “The Lapdancer Theme”, “Make That Money” and “Ava’s Fantasy”

11. Princess Freesia recorded “I Got Into This Mess Part 2” drunk on an entire bottle of Cava Champagne.

12. Princess Freesia REALLY cried in the intro for “Hot Shower Interlude”!

13. SoulP & Freesia consumed an entire of Morgan’s Spiced Rum and stumbled into town to record a film clip for the promotional track “Babylon”.

14. Both “Avalon” and “Lexus” are cars made by Toyota.

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The Lapdancer by Soulpersona


  1. Congrats for the amazing work and fantastic musical creation. I´m from Brazil and I´ve noticed your music through a radio show named Back to black (OI FM) by Sergio Scarpelli and the Soul family community on Facebook. Thanks for keeping the good and true music alive.

  2. Great Album. I finally got my CD. Is there any chance to get the Princess Freesia's lyrics somewhere?