Saturday, 24 October 2009

SoulP Never Selling Out...

Over the past couple of years i've been noticing many producers and musicians i've respected for a long time a letting go of their soulful roots and prefering to opt for a more commercial sounding musical product. fair enough, the bills must be paid and all that, but to be honest, id rather get a day job that sell out to commercialism.

People who know me well, will know that I have no love for the commercial music industry, this is because I have respect in my art, which might sound pretentious, but when it comes down to music being sold just because of the way and artist or band looks, regardless of their musical talent and ability, it really begins to hit a raw nerve... Pretty much fucks me off if I'm honest!

As a producer, I only want to work with performers and musicians that are truly talented, I dont care if they're fat or thin, ugly or beautiful, all I care about is whether I get goosbumps listening to them. If I do, I know it's the right thing. When I see shows like X Factor, even though 99% of people auditioning are a load of wank, I would never bring it upon myself to degrade these people in front of millions on national TV. These "Wannabee's" are usually from a little town where they have been stars in their own right, winning Karioke compititions and doing little gigs for their friends and family. Even though they are average it's been instilled in them by their family and friends that they are absoloutly amazing, so they turn up to X Factor believing this, as this is all they know, they believe they are fantastic!

A simple "yes your through", or "no your not through" would suffice, but no, this is a TV show, so they will litteraly verbally rape a performer that they think is rubbish. I think this is totally wrong, i've heard people have committed suicide after being axed from the X Factor auditions, and for someone like Cheryl Cole to be telling someone they're not a good singer is quite ironically laughable... You see these poor people look so heartbroken and quite often completely refusing to accept that they're not up to the X factor standard, they believe they are amazing, their friends and family have showered them with praise convincing them they are the next big thing... Then they get their dreams shattered, by Cheryl Cole, Louis Walsh and Simon "the waistband" Cowell... It's wrong!!! Music is something that makes people happy, even if your a rubbish singer and enjoy singing, you go for it, if it makes you feel good, then why not? Just because you can't sing, doesnt mean you can't enjoy it, you just can't do it proffessionally.

My point is, this show reperesents the way commercial music works, I've seen and know really good singers that have tried their luck on X Factor and havent even got through to the TV audition process, it's a fucking joke! Have we really got to accept that music has become a visual format? I'm tired of seeing manufactured bands and artists singing the same sounding bullshit over and over again on daytime TV and national radio, hearing that same tinny popcorn sounding production that 9 times out of 10 comes direct from Apple Loops (As was Rhianna's "Umbrealla" if you didnt know that already) the only acts with any musical ability and talent seem to be our Rock bands, like Kasabian, Kings Of Leon, Oasis etc... Why do majors sign rock bands but not soul bands? I can't understand it. Why hasn't any major label cottened on to the Motown blueprint and philosphy? This was one of the most succsessful record labels of our time and everyone involved in Motown were supa talented, down to the musicians, and most of Motown have either passed away with legendary status, or are still performing with legandary status today.

All I know is, i'm gonna stay true to what I know best, I'm never gonna change my style, and i'm only going to work with people who really move me, whatever their apperance. To me it's about the listening and enjoying of music, couldn't give a fuck about the TV videos and the vanity part of it. So I hereby promise to never sell out and to always keep quality control of my own shit!

Love & Goodness,


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