Saturday, 31 October 2009

The Struggle

...Why do I hear so many artists harping on about the "struggle"?... Moaning about how hard it is to make music and get it out there. To me the struggle is a brilliant part of becoming a musician. It's the part where you really learn about what you are doing, and put every bit of passion you have into everything you do. Like a footballer has to josstle for his place in a football team, a musician has to raise his or her game to be recognised. This is the music business, probably the one of the hardest busnesses in the world.

Some musicains and artists moan about struggling so much, it becomes all they talk about, all they think about. Try using the "Struggle" as inspiration. For me it's the most enjoyable part, it's a time to find your strong points, assess your weak points, hone your skills and find your sound. If your going to be a boxer and fight an opponent, you have to train if you want to stand any chance, you can't just jump into the ring with no preperation.

"Struggling" also makes you stronger, shit, things are looking up for me at the moment, but i'm still struggling. The difference is that I love the "Struggle" because every day i'm thinking about how the fuck to get out of it. The music buisness is like a game of chess, you have to be patient and wait your turn. Frustration, depression and anger are themes that run deeply through my productions. Shit, I locked myself away for a year of my life when I first got some recording equipment, i lived off a credit card, smoked copious amounts of ganja, grew a beard and made music every fucking day!... I didn't really have a clue what I was doing, I was just making music that I loved and really didn't give a shit about the bigger picture. That for me was a "struggle" because I took a gamble, but thinking back it was a great moment of my life. For the first time ever I was making music that I wanted to make with no-one telling how I should be doing it. I was in musical heaven, and quite litterally couldn't give a fuck what happened in the future.

My point is to embrace the struggle instead of winging and harping on about it. If you work hard and love what you do, keep doing the same thing, enjoy it, write about it, spill your heart out, the "Struggle" is just the begining, it's what we all go through to become what we are. "Struggle" is standard, your not alone. Remember that.

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