Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Soulacoaster Quotes

I've been fortunate enough to have some good reviews... No bad ones yet, fingers crossed!... Here's what's being said about it.

" Soulpersona is family to me and if you have not got his new album you are missing out on the some of the best music that I have heard in the past year or so! Soul Music is so important for all of us right now,it shares alot of the passion and heartache and love that we all are going through and listening to Soulpersona's new album SOULACOASTER, it's taking me right back to that good ole soul sound that makes me want to groove and dance! Ya'll better Hur-rup and get cho CD TODAY!! YOU WILL LOVE IT!!"
Jocelyn Brown. Singer/Songwriter

"Warm, fuzzy, danceable, sexy soul music"
Garth Trinidad Deejay/Presenter KCRW

"Sounding wicked mate i must say loving it all!!!"
Derrick McKenzie. Drummer Jamiroquai

"Just finished listening to SoulPersona's new album Soulcoaster, and it is one of the best British soul albums I have heard. The sound quality, the music, the singers, the vibe, the instruments, consistency.
Boy!!! England is in for a surprise when this shit comes out"
Diane Laidlaw, Female Beatmakers, Dj/ Presenter, Playvybz Radio

"Head on over to Digisoul to grab your copy now, if you don’t then your going to have to live with the fact you have missed out on one of the standout albums of 2009"

"A profound LP that captures the essence of soul, jazz, funk, disco and hip hop."

"Soulacoaster” is a prime example that you don’t need a major label to deliver quality music for people to enjoy"
Todd Kelly. Flowlink

"The album sounds fantastic, they are flying out, we are going to need some more real soon!"
Soulbrother Records

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  1. You missed a comment mate...

    "Soulacoaster is the f**cking nuts - buy a copy or i'll hunt you down" Rise